Portrait of the Junior Mutineers

Ambrotype portrait of four of the mutineers from the American whaler Junior. On Christmas Eve 1857, five of the crew members revolted against conditions on board, gruesomely murdering the Captain and Third Mate. The Chief Officer was only spared after he agreed to navigate the ship to Cape Howe. There, the mutineers and five others abandoned ship in two open whale boats, one, with its four occupants, being forced to row to Merimbula to land. After local residents, alarmed by their strange mode of transport and arsenal of firearms, sent for police assistance, they were arrested by Constable Adam Ballantine. Following a trial in the Sydney Water Court, they were extradited back to America. The photo, taken behind the Eden lock-up, was presented to Ballantine as token of appreciation.

The portrait is on display at the Merimbula Old School Museum.